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JMR Avenir for Bancassurance

Streamline the Customer Acquisition and Servicing in the Insurance Business

JMR Avenir is a cutting-edge solution to help insurers accelerate performance, streamline operations and achieve business resilience. Avenir is also a comprehensive, integrated insurance portal solution that caters to the needs of insurers who are focused on delivering superior customer service. This state-of-the-art solution allows insurers to exceed customer expectations, increase business responsiveness and also drives sales.

Avenir is designed to help you

  • Build stronger customer relationships and enrich customer experience
  • Increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition
  • Launch innovative products
  • Reduce administrative overheads in the selling process
  • Increase productivity of the sales force and help them sell better and faster
  • Have a smooth reconciliation

Avenir, Intelligence within

Avenir comes with inbuilt Need Analysis capability that helps customers to calculate risk coverage and directs them to suitable products based on rules that are laid by the insurer. This insight also helps the insurer is driving focused sales efforts. Avenir also has an inbuilt robust workflow management system which explains system processes, thereby reducing the time and cost of implementation. Screen building functionality of Avenir allows faster creation of new screens and updation of existing screens.

Our Success Stories – Case Studies

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