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JMR Infotech is a certified Oracle Approved Education Reseller and has all the facilities to conduct all Oracle related training. By signing up for training, students and professionals can expand their product knowledge and ensure that their training is up-to-date and validated. JMR’s training services cover a diverse selection of certifications. Besides, our Oracle Platinum Partner status assures that the training is handled by trainers who are experts in the chosen product. Training sessions are available to organizations, enterprises and even individuals, across the globe. Based on requirements, JMR trainers will design and develop course materials and deliver first-class training. We are committed to ensuring that employees are proficient and ready to use the full functionality of the new technology. We can also deliver training at a client facility, our training center in Sharjah, UAE or at any Oracle University facility in the world.

Why choose JMR Infotech?

JMR Infotech is a great training partner because:

  • We have expert instructors with Oracle University training and approval
  • Training materials developed by the same Oracle teams which create the products
  • Updated and accurate course ware

Call us today and let our training department give you information on courses, costs, trainer availability etc. Let JMR be your partner of choice in boosting employee productivity through the right certifications.

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