Training is at the core of career development at JMR. Be it softs-skills, technical skills enhancement or leadership training, advance your skills and seize development opportunities

Training enables the employees to have a fruitful career at JMR, and helps build their career further.

The training we conduct helps our workforce to support and enhance their skills and develop the staff to a great extent. We are blending technology with classroom to bring in personal touch and focus.  .

At JMR Infotech, we believe that our employees are the company’s main asset. JMR Infotech’s approach to employee development focuses shaping path for employee learning and success. These paths could include virtual assistance, talent transformation sabbaticals, mentoring and fast track growth paths. This ensures they are given Support, Knowledge, Recognition, Empowerment and Transformation.

For the training purpose we have fully accomplished training rooms with Projector, LCD Monitors and Video Conferencing. We review their performance periodically. We give all our employees equal opportunity to shape their professional growth in the right direction. We have also implemented Train the Trainer Program, where our staff will in turn become trainers and train their counterparts.

So we have designed our training contents taking the Fintech and Enterprise Technology standards.  Job-specific skills and expertise are focused to ensure our employees are abreast of the changes in the industry.

Why Join JMR Infotech?

Improve your Fintech quotient, learn from practitioners, work for leading banks and travel the world on projects. Are you ready to make a difference?

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace diversity and aim to provide Innovative work, meaningful career paths for all our employees. We believe Diversity is what helps us thrive. Our goal is to include everyone at the table, and to value and respect their unique voices and backgrounds.


Enhance your professional development through education and training. Our skills training helps you keep pace with the changing fintech environment. Leverage training to shape your career to pursue custom tracks, explore new opportunities, and job rotations.

Current Openings

Are you ready to lead and influence change. We are on the lookout for bright minds who want to make a difference. Discover what we have to offer, and what we can do together.

Recruitment FAQ

We believe in a policy of transparency and openness. And it starts with our very first interaction with our prospective employee. To ensure that you have all requisite information, we have a list of FAQs which should help you.

Life at JMR

Get to know JMR and find your fit. If you want to contribute across roles and make a real difference, we will put your expertise to work. We will also make sure you have loads of fun getting there!

Fitness First

At JMR, we encourage our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We have a series of policies that encourage every employee to be fit in body and mind.

Meet the JMR Heroes

Once upon a time. A bunch of young professionals joined JMR Infotech. They were initially overwhelmed by the work environment and the challenges that came their way.