JMR’s Digital Solutions are innovative templates to derive value Cross-Industry Open Banking opportunities. This will help Banks and non-Banks shape new Growth engines in an evolving Digital era. They help you explore new age market opportunities and jump start your foray in these newly emerging business areas. JMR’s Digital solution focuses on enabling Ecosystem that often transcend industry boundaries to deliver interesting solution to end-customers and significant value to Ecosystem participants and partners.

JMR Genie De Banca

Tapping the Cross Industry Open Banking market opportunities through ecosystem innovation

JMR Genie De Banca is a new-age digital solution that helps Banks to have Lifestyle and Customer Life event engagement opportunities, help fulfilling Customer dreams and needs via ecosystem partners and deriving value from Customer and Partners alike.


Disrupting the Agri Ecosystem through
Smart Farming Platform

The Digital Information platform that connects key stakeholders in Agriculture value Chain – supporting value-based outcomes for all stakeholders.

JMR Learn On

Reach Every Students through
Differentiated Instruction

JMR Learn On is an agile and powerful digital platform that supports differentiated learning aligned to student learning styles. It has in-build Parent-Teacher communication components and Learning management platform that address classroom and online training models.

Our Success Stories – Case Studies

Digital Business Platform for EFG Hermes

Designed and implemented a unique digital business solutions – ValU to tap Greenfield Businesses.

Enhanced Business Operation for a Leading Cambodian MFI

One of the largest MFI in Cambodia, speeds lending time-to-market with JMR Infotech’s Innovative Solution.

A Leading Bank in Nigeria Streamlines Lending Operations

JMR Infotech’s Loan Origination Solution helps a leading bank in Nigeria streamline its lending operations.

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