State-of-the-art Oracle Banking components to enrich Experiences, add Business value

Oracle Banking Onboarding

Oracle Banking Onboarding is a frictionless onboarding and originations solution for customers, accounts, deposits and loans. Oracle Banking Onboarding offers seamless and consistent omni-channel origination capability across accounts, deposits, loans and cards products through flexible workflows and an intuitive shopping based experience. Oracle Banking Loan Originations has in-built optimized information capture capabilities, real-time application tracking, qualitative scoring, integrated quantitative scoring with credit bureau integration, and workflow and business rules support for loan process automation.

Oracle Banking Branch

Oracle Banking Branch is new age Digital Branch solution that embeds relationship building into customer servicing at Banking branch. Built on new micro-services architecture, Oracle Banking branch is an integral part of Oracle Banking omni-channel axis, empowering banks with right capabilities and insights that deepens customer relationships and enhances cross-sell capabilities for Revenue growth. Oracle Banking Branch solution offer comprehensive solution covering teller operations, branch administration, till and vault operations, service management, and instrument handling with rich UI, intuitive screens and dashboards – ensuring branch staff delight their customers. More significantly, Oracle Banking Branch has strong integration capabilities that allows it to be implemented not just Oracle FLEXCUBE but with other Core Banking solutions.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Islamic Banking

Oracle FLEXCUBE Islamic Banking offers Sharia-compliant banking operations that will help Banks offer wide range of Interest Free Banking products including Mudarabah, Wadiah, Qard, Wakalah, Murabaha, Salam, Tawarruq, Ijarah, Musharakh, Sukuk, Istisna, and more. Oracle FLEXCUBE Islamic Banking supports both retail and corporate banking products and adheres to established Islamic banking processes compliant with Sharia laws and the regulatory requirements of AAOIFI. Islamic banks can leverage Oracle FLEXCUBE’s proven Islamic modules to offer Sharia-compliant products, support operations, and achieve fast implementation at reasonable costs. Banking offering Islamic Banking window can leverage single installation to offer both Islamic Banking and conventional Banking products.
JMR has delivered multiple Oracle FLEXCUBE Islamic Banking including setting up Digital only Islamic Bank

Our Success Stories – Case Studies

Implementation of Oracle Financial Accounting Hub for a Commercial Bank in South East Asia

JMR successfully implemented Oracle Financial Accounting Hub for a major commercial bank in the South East Asia region. ...

Implementation of Oracle Financials for a Central Bank in East Africa

A Central Bank in the East Africa region partnered with JMR Infotech for implementation of Oracle Financials. ...

Value-added Implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Solutions

JMR successfully implemented Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Solutions for a major commercial bank in East Africa. ...

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