Digital & Enterprise Solutions Case Studies

A Leading Bank in Japan

The client is a leading bank in Japan with branches and customers across the globe.
Key Requirement: Enhancing the accuracy of MATCH and NO MATCH of existing customers from the legacy application for loan applications to understand applicant’s credit behavior.

Executive Summary

Key Challenges

  • No MDM (Master Data Management) in place
  • Same user exists in multiple systems as duplicate accounts
  • Low accuracy due to duplicate records
  • Team manually eye balling duplicate accounts

Solutions Provided

  • Deployed an Attended BOT to perform the remove the duplicate accounts
  • BOT logs in to the system and trigger Dedupe for MATCH and NO MATCH
  • BOT extracts reference records and matched records from system
  • BOT applies rule engine (set of validations) to find out MATCH records

Key Benefits

  • Accuracy : Accuracy of NO MATCH is 99.98% which is approximately 30% of overall volume. Enhanced accuracy of 18% of total volume
  • Productivity : Earlier 24 resources were required to process 200 requests per day. Now no resource required
  • Turn Around Time : TAT is reduced from 15 min to 5 min. to process same service request

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