Smart Automation

Social media has revolutionized consumerism to the extent that it takes just a few seconds to tarnish a brand. By combining key technologies – artificial intelligence (AI), big data, advanced analytics, and autonomous systems – smart technology can achieve far more than the unassisted human mind could ever accomplish. JMR’s offerings in smart Automation combines RPA, Chatbots and Voice BOTS. Technologies like machine learning, bots, natural language processing, and RPA have a tremendous potential to meet the challenge of digital and agile organizations. They just need to be applied in the right places and integrated carefully, JMR’s offerings are focused on addressing this void.

Our Innovative Offerings

Our Success Stories – Case Studies

A Leading Bank in Middle East

To automate the high-volume AML case closures based on set business rules with increased efficiency and accuracy. ...

A Leading Bank in Japan

Enhancing the accuracy of MATCH and NO MATCH of existing customers from the legacy application for loan applications ...

A Leading BPO in RSA

Client is South Africa’s leading international contact center with clients in South Africa, throughout Africa and ...

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